Types of Tow Trucks

Different Tow Trucks & What They’re Used For

Sometimes vehicles breakdown when you least expect it. When that happens, a tow truck will be there to help you get your car into the repair shop. If you call Horcher’s Service, we’ll send one of our team members to help you quickly! We’ll need to know more about your vehicle to decide which tow truck to send to your location. There are different kinds of tow trucks that are used for different situations.

1. Flatbed Tow Trucks

Flatbed tow trucks are a common type used widely around the world. They have a long, empty bed that’s perfect for holding and transporting a small vehicle. The bed is maneuvered with hydraulics to lower and raise it when loading the broken-down vehicle. All you have to do is drive or pull the vehicle up the ramp and lower the bed into place. The simplicity makes it one of the safest towing transportation methods.

2. Integrated Tow Trucks

To tow rigs, buses, and other heavy-duty vehicles, integrated tow trucks are used. They have extra axles for increased stability and strength. The arm is constructed in the truck differently for added strength.

3. Hook & Chain Tow Trucks

Another popular type of tow truck is the hook and chain, but because of its unique set-up it’s not highly recommended for all vehicles. The chains that attach to the car might cause damage, so it’s best suited for vehicles that are wrecked, since additional damage won’t matter. It can’t be used on all 4x4s because it might damage the drivetrain.

4. Wheel-Lift Tow Trucks

Wheel-lift tow trucks are similar to hook and chain tow trucks, but they use a metal yoke instead of chains. This causes less damage to the vehicle being towed. The yoke hooks under either the front or rear wheels, then a hydraulic lift suspends the set of wheels and pulls the vehicle on the other. These tow trucks are not as safe as protected flatbed trucks, but are an inexpensive option.

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