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Premium Auto and Truck Repair In Wheeling, IL

We Work On All Makes And Models Of Cars and Trucks

60 Years Of Automotive Excellence

We first opened our doors in 1958, and we haven’t closed them since, instead we’ve made it bigger. We’ve been in the business of repairing cars and trucks for over 60 years – very few people in the auto industry can say the same. Our experience and continuous growth shows that we know exactly what we’re doing – and we do it quite well. We are the oldest and most trusted truck repair and towing facility in Wheeling, IL and we’d like to work with you!

Preventive Auto Maintenance In Wheeling, IL.

We don’t just do car and truck repairs, no. We do preventive maintenance too – in fact this is our main bread and butter. They say a stitch in time saves nine, and nothing can be truer when it comes to cars. A simple maintenance service done today can save you thousands down the road, both is costs and in income lost due to inactivity. No one should wait until their car breaks down to bring it in for servicing, that’s just asking for trouble, one I’m sure you don’t want.

Wheeling’s One Stop Shop For Everything Autos

We use OE Parts for all the cars we work on, both local and International and we offer shuttle service & loaners for both cars and trucks (fleet). We have all of the latest diagnostic equipment, including emission repairs (not testing), and an alignment rack and can do pretty much everything! We provide all maintenance services (transmission, cooling, brake services (flush), including oil changes!

Fleet Management Experts

Have twenty, fifty or even a hundred cars or trucks in your fleet? Looking for experts to handle their repairs and maintenance at an affordable cost? You’ve come to the right place! A large portion of our clients own fleets, and we can’t wait to handle yours too! We know how important keeping your vehicle up and running is to your business, so our goal is not just to keep your cars in top condition, but to do it in the shortest time frame possible.

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