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Having car trouble? Stuck on the road with no way to move forward? No one wants to be in a place where they’ll have to tow their cars, but life happens and cars break down. Whenever your vehicle breaks down, you’ll need help moving it away from that point to another, better (and safer) location – we are the people to call. We offer top quality towing services for both personal cars and commercial trucks in and around Wheeling. Our team of seasoned experts have the dedication and experience needed to help get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Our services are very affordable, and fast, so if you’re looking for an efficient towing company, look no further, you found the right one.

Wheeling’s Foremost Towing Company

As the foremost towing company in Wheeling and surrounding areas, we’ve come to understand that accidents and car problems can happen at any time. We have been around for over 6 decades now, and our drive to always keep our customers happy is the reason we believe we’ll be around for another 100 years. We only work with the most skilled hands, so you can be sure you’re getting the best possible service.

Commercial Towing Services

We understand that your business depends on your truck being on the road, and when it’s down, productivity drops significantly. We make your success our success, because we believe that we are a part of your business. So if your truck is down, we make it our responsibility to do all we can to get it up and running within the shortest possible time. Keeping our clients happy is the ultimate goal and we do all we can to make sure you always remain happy.

We offer comprehensive vehicle towing services. This means that we can tow just about any type of commercial truck. Our team is made up of seasoned professionals including Josh (pictured) who is our main certified tow truck operator. Our team has many years of experience towing trucks and cars in Wheeling, IL. Wouldn’t you rather work with us?

Why Us?

  • Fast Response
  • Experienced Professionals
  • Affordable Rates
  • Certified, Bonded And Insured

Services we offer include:

  • Vehicle recovery
  • Wrecker service
  • Winching and extracting

Work With Us

If you’ve live in Wheeling and have been wondering “where will I find a towing company near me that I trust to come to my aid when I call?” Horcher’s Service Inc. is the ideal company for you. Our professional services includes towing, transport, emergency recovery and repair services and we offer them to all of Wheeling and its environs.

Call 847-537-1170 whenever you’re in need of towing services and we’ll get out of that tight spot in a jiffy!