What To Know If You Need Towing Services

Tips on Getting a Tow

Nobody wants to have to get his/her car towed, but sometimes it’s necessary. Most of us have been there, or we will be there at some point. A breakdown can leave you with the double problem of needing both a tow and a repair job. Before you call for a tow truck, familiarize yourself with a few handy tips. If you need roadside assistance and/or vehicle repair in the Wheeling, Illinois, area, count on the experts at Horcher’s Service. We’ve been helping our neighbors and those just passing through since 1958.

Notable Towing Tips

Although you don’t spend your days anticipating car trouble, it’s helpful to be cognizant of how you’ll get help in an emergency. It’s wise to know the name of a reputable, insured towing company in your hometown, the area where you do most of your daily driving. Then you know they’re only a phone call away should you experience a serious transportation problem. It’s also prudent to make a list of towing providers along your travel route when you’re going out of town on vacation. If you indeed find yourself on the losing end of a mechanical problem, tire blowout, or fender bender, don’t compromise your safety. Get out of the car (instead of sitting inside when the vehicle is close to travel lanes) and move to a safe area. This will help protect you from wayward traffic or other road hazards. Additionally, be sure to establish good communication between you and the tow provider. This includes giving the dispatcher good directions and/or pinpointing your exact location. Also, make sure you understand the service costs and any limitations (such as distance restrictions, number of passengers who can ride along, etc.). Finally, discuss where your vehicle is to be taken. Failure to establish this could cost you more. It’s best to take your car to the repair facility if possible instead of having it taken to the tow yard (where you may have to pay a storage fee) only to pay to move it to a repair shop later.

We’re Here For You

Horcher’s Service provides a comprehensive menu of mechanical auto services. This is particularly helpful if your automobile breaks down. We’re equipped to provide roadside assistance, tow your vehicle back to our shop, and effect warrantied repairs. All technicians are certified, and we’ve worked to create a friendly atmosphere where you can feel comfortable getting car repairs. We don’t want you to have transportation trouble, but if you do, we’ll lend a hand.

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