What Your Driving Habits Say about Your Personality

A Professional Take

Think about the people you know and how they drive. Most likely their conduct around you and others mimics their behavior behind the wheel. This goes for you too! See where you fit in below, and then consider the recommended tips for better driving.

Rapid Racer

You like to go fast, you change lanes often, weave in and out of traffic, and are determined to make the best time wherever you go. In life, you have a hard time sitting still, you’re adventurous, and you’re a hard worker. You do, however, have a difficult time understanding and sympathizing with others. Be a better driver by slowing down and practicing patience. You’ll make it safer for you and others, and your car will appreciate you easing up. Heavy accelerating and hard braking put too much stress on the drivetrain and the tires.

Sunday Stroller

You usually drive five miles below the speed limit, put your blinker on a quarter mile before turns, and often take those turns at a snail’s pace. In life, you can sit for hours on one activity, a jig-saw puzzle perhaps, and you enjoy leisurely walks and window shopping. You do struggle to connect with risk takers, and you have a tendency to start sentences with, “When I was your age…” Be a better driver by keeping up with traffic. Driving too slow disrupts the flow of traffic and can create confusion and hesitation in other drivers. It’s especially important to be up to speed with others when merging onto highways.

Weekday Warrior

You drive to work in a jerky manner trying to make up for the times you hit snooze. Your commute isn’t long, but you handle stop lights and turns by accelerating and then jamming on the brakes. In life, you have an excellent work ethic and get along with most, but you’re rarely on time. You back up and repeat your actions because you often forget what you were aiming for. Being around others is great, but you exhaust yourself in the first hour and are then ready to head home. Be a better driver by leaving yourself extra time in the morning. Driving the speed limit and looking further down the road to avoid last minute decisions is much safer. Giving yourself time to lift off the gas sooner, and easing into slowing down, will soften the blows to your brakes and reduce strain on your transmission.

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